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Hello all! I'm sure you all remember me! I have helped start up another server under the leadership of Whiteboybennett! We are currently in the late testing phase of the server and need more players to start up with a bang! We have not launched the server to minecraft planet so traffic is slow, but we plan to launch as soon as everything is fixed! We hope to gather most of our old friends from cryptic worlds and xander city, as it's good to keep communities together!  

Server website is  http://synergypvp.net/ and server IP is pvp.synergypvp.net and the minecraft current version is 1.7.2, it's a factions server with some unique plugins!

I hope to see some of you there!

Xander PVP

nova779 a posted Jan 17, 14
The Factions server is coming back, we have had plans to revamp it as a role playing server but I noticed that was a lot more difficult that I had previously thought. Of course I will need help starting the server and with moderation and other things that come with running a server. If you would like to hep me me with this you can contact me through Skype or replying on the thread 'Xander PVP'

Skype: nova77779

Revamp Consideration

nova779 a posted Jan 12, 14
As seeing the response of me bringing the forum back online and people hoping for there to be a new server, I am currently considering it. I have all of the things needed to host a server besides a decent connection so until I am able to get a decent connection the server would have to be hosted at my home which isn't ideal but it's sustainable for a small 10-20 person server. I also am not able to moderate the server often due to school and other real life events. I would need people to moderate the server regularly and make sure that it is a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone. Feel free to apply for staff all current staff will retain their remaining rank but if you'd like to be promoted feel free to give it a shot. This is not a definite that the server will be restarted, it's just a large possibility. 
Blue I will Nova!!! I WILL!
Dante a I'll pop in once in a while, but not as often as before.
nova779 a Your help is always welcome Hobo, and you will be consulted while picking the new staff since some of our old players wi...

Dispelling Rumors

nova779 a posted Jan 6, 14
Many people have been noticing that the server has been online for quite some time now, this is due to me and my friends wanting to just fool around and have fun in minecraft. I personally do not play on it often due to other things in my life but other people do occasionally, You can do as you wish on the server it will not be regulated or have plugins but you can do whatever you want and if I do not like it then I will ban you or find a valuable punishment 

Hello Everyone

worthless_hobo a posted Dec 31, 13
Hello everyone from Xander City, just wanted to say hi and let you all know that if you want to contact me or need help with something, just add me on skype (pengu_5) with your in game name. 
Blue Hi hhehehehe
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